HDR in Landscape Photography

HDR is a subject that polarises people pretty clearly into one of two camps – “Love it” or “Hate it”. It is possible to use HDR tastefully, but amongst the challenges faced by landscape photographers wanting to extend the dynamic range of their photographs is how to deal with movement. […]

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Manhattan Dawn

Four Nights in New York

An amazing week, full of unexpected twists and turns. I’ve photographed Ginni Rometty, head of IBM, arguably one of the most powerful women in the world and at the other end of the spectrum shot a portrait of a man dressed as the Grand Poobah levitating six inches above a […]

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Salt Flats of the Camargue

Arles in Black

if the prospect of sharing a small market town in SW France with 1000 photographers conjures up images of dozens of earnest, goateed young men jostling for position at the Boulangerie, Leicas at the ready, then you’d be right, but only partly. Six months ago I decided to join other […]

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Poppy Panorama

Poppy Panoramas!

The annual obsession with poppies very nearly passed me by this year, in fact it would have done had I not been asked to join a meeting in Portsmouth on Wednesday. As I drove west on the A27 from Brighton, I saw the most amazing field of poppies, at least […]

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Brighton Fringe: Rattle Tales

I took part in a collaboration between Brighton & Hove Camera Club and the Rattle Tales writers’ group at the Brighton Fringe last night. The event was at the Brunswick public house in Hove, a well trodden venue hosting every type of event from music to mime and back. The idea […]

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Brighton’s Beach of the Dead 2012

Brighton’s annual Beach of the Dead festivities kicked off today at 3pm in the old paddling pool opposite the West Pier. Zombies of all persuasion turned out in force. Last year’s turnout was estimated at 4000 people; today, in spite of the dismal weather, Brighton’s zombie population turned out in […]

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Travels in Beijing

Three days photographing Beijing was an opportunity i was never going to pass up. So I flew over to China last weekend, slept on Sunday, worked on Monday & Tuesday and spent the rest of the week grabbing as many photographs as possible. Beijing is an incredible city, extreme in […]

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Adventures in HDR

High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography is a technique that is capable of delivering results similar to those achieved by the naked eye. The technique involves exposing a range of identically framed shots at shutter speeds calculated to expose for points between the darkest and lightest parts of an image. […]

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