Black & White Challenge

A bit of fun with the Brighton & Hove Camera Club this week taught me a couple of interesting lessons. I’d really recommend this to other camera clubs as it brought a host of hitherto unseen photographs out of the shadows and gave everyone an opportunity to see other people’s […]

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Three Trees

The Nature of Industry

I’ve lived in Ironbridge for four months and as beautiful as the Shropshire landscape is, this tiny community nestled in the Ironbridge Gorge next to the River Severn, is telling me a different, more engaging story than the hills and sunsets for which this area is justly renowned. The traces […]

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IBM La Gaude #4

Photographing IBM: La Gaude

I’ve been lucky enough in the last eighteen months to have been involved in a long running project with IBM’s Academy of Technology which has taken me to various IBM sites around the world. My favourite so far has been Somers, designed by the architect I.M. Pei, but La Gaude, […]

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Natural Arches - Santa Cruz

The Good Life

Two days before I left for America at the beginning of the month, I moved permanently out of Brighton and parachuted, temporarily courtesy of my partner Viv’s parents, into the rather wonderful countryside of Shropshire. So, no longer a Brighton based Photographer – rather, given the amount of travel I’m doing […]

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Street Photography in Bangalore

When I finished my 365 Day Project, I found myself curiously adrift. I no longer felt motivated to go out and shoot every single day, but I was also keenly aware that the simple fact of shooting every day had improved my ability to see photographs and also my technique […]

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Hill Farming in the Alpujarras

The Real Tough Guys

I just got back from a week in the Alpujarras, ostensibly working on the house, but finding time to do a bit of photography as well. The Alpujarras are as different from the Costa del Sol as the Earth is from the Moon. January in the mountains is an experience […]

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Brighton in Black & White: West Pier

Brighton’s ruined West Pier is one of the iconic landmarks of the South Coast. Certainly one of the most photographed and when I started my 365 Day Project, I made a resolution to try and avoid repeating the most cliched of the shots I’d seen. In fact I almost went […]

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HDR in Landscape Photography

HDR is a subject that polarises people pretty clearly into one of two camps – “Love it” or “Hate it”. It is possible to use HDR tastefully, but amongst the challenges faced by landscape photographers wanting to extend the dynamic range of their photographs is how to deal with movement. […]

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Manhattan Dawn

Four Nights in New York

An amazing week, full of unexpected twists and turns. I’ve photographed Ginni Rometty, head of IBM, arguably one of the most powerful women in the world and at the other end of the spectrum shot a portrait of a man dressed as the Grand Poobah levitating six inches above a […]

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