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Brighton’s Beach of the Dead 2012

Brighton’s annual Beach of the Dead festivities kicked off today at 3pm in the old paddling pool opposite the West Pier. Zombies of all persuasion turned out in force. Last year’s turnout was estimated at 4000 people; today, in spite of the dismal weather, Brighton’s zombie population turned out in […]

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A Week in Las Alpajurras

Las Alpajurras is a region of spain I’ve wanted to visit for years. Situated on the edge of the Sierra Nevada national park, it has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I based myself in Orviga, a small town at the base of the mountains with good […]

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Prospect Cottage

This photograph was taken with an iPhone using a program called TrueHDR. But that is incidental to this post. Officially designated a desert, in fact, England’s only desert; Dungeness is a spit of land comprised entirely of shingle, dominated by a Nuclear Power Station. With no protection from the weather, […]

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Travels in Beijing

Three days photographing Beijing was an opportunity i was never going to pass up. So I flew over to China last weekend, slept on Sunday, worked on Monday & Tuesday and spent the rest of the week grabbing as many photographs as possible. Beijing is an incredible city, extreme in […]

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Adventures in HDR

High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography is a technique that is capable of delivering results similar to those achieved by the naked eye. The technique involves exposing a range of identically framed shots at shutter speeds calculated to expose for points between the darkest and lightest parts of an image. […]

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Poppy Panorama

This is the time of year for Poppies to show their faces. Only this year there’s not been a lot of sun and finding the Poppy fields has proved rather more difficult than I expected. This shot was obtained via a comment made on Flickr that mentioned there were Poppies […]

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Lesser Photography

The title of course is stolen. Or at least inspired by the excellent blog “A Lesser Photographer” by CJ Chilvers. I came to this blog via Twitter this morning and reading it helped me to get a perspective on a few things that I’ve been doing in my photography and […]

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Even the Grey Days Are Good!

Sometimes, even photography is hard work! I strained my back last weekend and couldn’t get an appointment with the osteopath until tomorrow. I’ve been pretty much immobilised for nearly a week and living on pain killers and toast. As is usually the case with these things, the pain and stiffness […]

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The news that Instagram has been acquired by Facebook leaves me with mixed feelings I’m afraid. I’m pleased for the guys at Instagram obviously, their hard work over the last few years has given them prime position in the iPhoneography space and now they are getting the tangible rewards. Long […]

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Perspectives of Brighton

I’m really delighted to have had two photographs selected for the “Perspectives of Brighton” exhibition at FaB. As things turn out, the pictures were taken about 15 minutes apart on the same day. Strange. The exhibition runs from 5th to the 27th of May 2012 as part of the Brighton […]

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