Explore Andalucia

The first phase of the Explore Andalucia project is complete, we’ve had a year renting the Cortijo, it has gone very well, people love it as much as we do! Sergio and Celia have done a fantastic job of keeping the visitors happy and looked after, and now that the hard graft is over it seems like a good time to create a photographic record of the first year, before I forget it and get the idea it would be easy to do a second time!

If you click on the image at the top of the article, you should be redirected to a presentation built in Adobe Slate. I’ve succumbed to the Creative Cloud at last! Seriously, I had spent so much money on Adobe products before the Creative Cloud arrived that I was determined to hang on without upgrading as long as possible. It was only once Lightroom started issuing dire warnings when I tried to move across to Photoshop to fine tune an image that my resolve began to weaken.

I’m impressed with Slate – there are a few quibbles – no ‘Undo’ button for example, but the ease with which a web based presentation is put together far outweighs the disadvantages. As for the rest of the Creative Cloud, I’m really impressed. Perhaps I was right to wait, but installation was seamless, everything works the way it should and you get the impression you are using a properly integrated software suite rather than a bag of bits. Top marks to Adobe.

I hope you enjoy the presentation – I had fun making it and still bear the scars of the experience that went into it!

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