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Electrical Image – on Photography & Photographers

Posted on: June 20, 2015 by Chris | No Comments
Electrical Image

On Photography & Photographers

Its been exactly one year since I started curating photography related links into a weekly newspaper hosted on

For a couple of reasons, I’ve decided to move platform, to Flipboard. I thought it might be useful to compare. is geared towards a regular release model. It allows the editor to compile a draft paper in parallel with the live one and to release that paper and promote it to social media at the click of a button.

Flipboard is a completely different animal. It started life as an app, and when I considered it a year ago for the magazine the lack of a convincing  web version and the fact the app was initially iOS only dissuaded me from using it. On the other hand I loved the interface and kept going back to it time after time.

Today, Flipboard boasts a web version that is considerably more polished and have acquired a technology called Zite that specialise in aggregating news from all over the web in step with your preferences. I’ve been using a combination of apps to find my news and Zite was about the best of them. An honourable mention goes out to Pulse and Prismatic.

So tomorrow, the magazine will only be available on Flipboard. Check it out…

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