We climbed and we climbed..
“O Sei Ling” or “Place of Clear Light” is a Buddhist retreat 1600 metres above sea level, a couple of miles from the house in Orgiva. It sits 5 km up a vertiginous dirt track wide enough for only one vehicle with no barriers off the road to Pampaneira. Once at the car park a further epic climb to see five deities, the last of which was within a stones throw of the snow line. “Taking Tiger Mountain” was uppermost in my mind.
I’m not a religious man, but this place is very special. Some areas of the site are open to the public, from 3.30pm to 6pm to fit around the reserved hours for meditation. There are five levels open to the public accessed via a clearly defined path that meanders gently up the mountain.
The last level is not for the faint of heart. Anyone familiar with hill walking will be used to the sensation of seeing the peak above them, only to find a further peak is visible once the first plateau is reached.
The last level is a plateau about fifty feet below the snow line. From here, it feels like the whole of Granada is visible. One of the most incredible landscapes I’ve ever seen, to the south west, the Mediterranean sea is visible beyond the Sierra Lujar. To the north east, the Sierra Nevada.
For those of a spiritual bent this place is a shrine, it serves as a retreat by artists and buddhists the world over. I felt a strong connection to the place and will certainly visit it again, with respect.

What's your view?