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Photography & the iPhone 5

Posted on: August 4, 2013 by Chris | No Comments
Locks outside Shoreditch Railway Station


Just as I thought iPhoneography was of little further interest, along comes the iPhone5 with a new 8mp I-Sight camera boasting support for geotagging, panorama, face detection and autofocus out of the box. I took a couple of experimental shots and on an entirely subjective basis, my reaction was…Wow!

The real trick with iPhoneography is to supplement the camera with apps. This is where the power lies. I had a look at my motley collection, installed in the dark days of iPhone4 and decided a refresh was in order.

The editing apps I kept are Snapseed, which I consider indispensable, and err no others. Whole lot in the bin. I visited the App Store and had a rummage around. The new apps I downloaded are…

Camera Noir – does exactly what you would expect, with minimal fuss. B&W conversion with high medium and low contrast settings. Can also be used to set up the camera to take monochrome shots.

iPhoto – has the real benefit of being able to sync photos with an iPad which means I can actually see what I’m doing when editing. Train journeys will seem so much shorter!

Alt Photo – there are a lot of Film imitating apps around, but this one comes from a company with a strong track record in photography – Alien Skin. Childishly simple to use.

DistressedFX is a texturing app. Probably the best one I’ve seen, the textures are all adjustable.

The fun with iPhoneography lies in bouncing the photo around different apps. Obviously this will cause some degeneration in the image, but to give an idea of what you can get away with, the picture at the top of this post was taken with the native camera, cropped in Snapseed, a light texture applied in DistressedFX and converted to mono in Camera Noir.

Seems alright to me!

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