I took part in a collaboration between Brighton & Hove Camera Club and the Rattle Tales writers’ group at the Brighton Fringe last night.

The event was at the Brunswick public house in Hove, a well trodden venue hosting every type of event from music to mime and back. The idea on the night was that for each short story deliverd from the stage, a photograph by a different photographer would be projected in support of the story. There was no collaboration beyond the fact that the photographers read the story before submitting an image.

The story I was assigned was called “Carbon in its Purest Form” by Erinna Mettler, a fantastic piece of writing that I was delighted to be associated with. The story describes a day in the life of an elderly working class man, a veteran of the miners strikes. The day happens to be the day Margaret Thatcher died.

Being based in genteel Hove, the opportunity of conjuring up an image redolent of the working men’s clubs of the North was one I was keen to sidestep. Instead I concentrated on the man’s internal world which is brilliantly rendered in the story as his memories jostle for position amongst the mundanity of his everyday life.

Not sure how well this picture served the author’s intent, but it was a very interesting experience and one I’d happily repeat.


  1. A beautiful picture that indeed captures much of the intent of the story without the obvious coal miner imagery, beyond the text into the realm of the diamond planet. Thanks and we do hope to collaborate again as the format works really well.

  2. Thanks Erinna! I’m glad you liked it!

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