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Annie Leibovitz – Pilgrimage

Posted on: October 16, 2012 by Chris | No Comments

I picked this book up several months ago at Charleston, home of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell and refuge for many of the Bloomsbury Set of artists and intellectuals. Annie Leibovitz had given a talk there. I had been out of the country at the time, but Charleston is a favourite place of mine, to visit for some quiet contemplation. The garden in particular possesses a stillness that seems to tap directly into the spirit of the long absent residents.

Pilgrimage, published by Jonathan Cape in the UK, is a very personal work put together by photographer Annie Leibovitz after some fairly random visits connected only by their significance in her life had led her to shape a project around the pictures she recorded. It is an extraordinary document of lives and legacies. She tries to recreate one of Ansel Adams famous landscapes, visits the home of Emily Dickinson and the book almost falls together in a way that is completely original and very natural.

The photographs are many and varied, it’s a wonderful book to dip into and a fascinating insight into the creative mind of a truly fantastic photographer as well as a memento of lives long completed.

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